It is true that anxiety in different forms can affect our day to day working. A person’s anxious state of mind affects their personal relationships. The negative effects of persisting anxiety can be detrimental to our health. Let us work together to talk about some of the symptoms that are falling in your way.   

Are you the person who’s always been there for others? You have been looking after the needs of others -older or younger than you? At times you felt nervous & overwhelmed with a lot being on your plate. As a child you felt the void of adults’ emotional support missing in your life. There was no one available to celebrate your joys – you felt so alone. There are many more things you wanted to talk about, but you have never been able to express how you have felt over the course of time.

Recently a single incident of your life has turned the tide for you – you are now looking for support. But you don’t feel comfortable asking for help – you’re thinking probably you are not eligible, because it does not fit with your personality & previous role.

What’s going inside you?

You feel anxious, depressed, there is no interest in anything. At times when these feeling overcome your mind you also start thinking it’s not worth living this kind of life. Developmental Trauma– also known as childhood trauma could be identified as a traumatic experience related to chronic abuse, neglect and exposure to multiple traumatic events. One single incident such as an assault, an accident, and death of a loved one or any kind of natural or other disaster (such as war) adds another layer of stress to mind & body.

The other symptoms associated could be flash backs, sleep issues, anger, fear of unknown, pain issues- not particularly related to any source.

If you are going through similar kind of symptoms, then it’s time to seek professional help.

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